Leadership Credibility

Credibility is difficult to define. If you have it, people will follow you and be inspired to rise to great heights of personal courage and sacrifice – just take a look at 2 Samuel 23 as an example. If you don’t have it, then it does not matter if you have the greatest plan ever, or the most senior position, people will not follow you – at least not wholeheartedly.

In other words, credibility is the vital factor in the area of influence. As we seek to grow as leaders, influence is of key importance. We want to influence our families for good, we want to be a positive influence at work and so on.

To be a positive influence, we need to grow in credibility. Credibility comes with time – even the greatest leaders struggle to get people to follow them at first. And therein lies the key issue: people will not follow your idea unless they choose to follow you. Credibility is won or lost over a period of time, and the good news is, even when we lose it, it is possible to regain it. That journey towards increased credibility is well summed up by the following:

Watch your thoughts, they become words

Watch your words, they become actions

Watch your actions, they become habits

Watch your habits, they become character

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny

(Frank Otlaw)  

Feedback from the International Day of Prayer:

From Bishop Charles Mithowa, National Director, Malawi:

The IDOP has done so wonderful at this Kingfisher center (near the boarder with Mozambique) and the Lord is working miracles and wonders answering the prayers you have prayed for them. They have planted a new branch of Kingfisher on the other side (inside Mozambique). Today, I was there to plan the day for conducting water baptism. So we have agreed that from 24 the September to 26 we shall conducting a three days Kingfisher training where all the new coverts are getting ready to be baptized with water.

From Pastor Andrew Mithowa at the Kingfisher Centre, Limbe, Malawi:

Here’s an update from Pastor Andrew Mithowa on how the International Day of Prayer went for them in Malawi:

“Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! “Although with Government Covid restrictions on Churches here in Malawi, that the church gathering should not exceed 30 people, on this month of July, as covid cases are keeping rising daily, we thank God that we managed to gather and pray, while our other fellow Kingfisher members were encouraged to pray with us in their homes, to pray for our kingfisher churches and their countries around the world. “We had a wonderful time praying for all Kingfisher Churches around the world. With prayers from all Kingfisher churches here in Malawi and around the world, we believe the impossible things will be made possible by our God in Heaven, as we expect more new good things to happen in this year and years to come. “We are highly encouraged that our prayers shall bring High impact to our churches and Nations we are living in! “Thanks and God bless!! Keep pressing on for God and His Kingdom building! Pastor Andrew”

From Pastor Mohan Paul, evangelist in Bihar, Northern India:

This month we have done 3 meeting in different places. around 6 hundreds peoples attended meeting and more than125 people accepted Christ.85 people healed from different kinds of diseases. 

In the month of September we are going to do again 2 meeting there will be 1000 people will attend meeting .please pray for us so God may do great miracles. 


Please continue to pray for Mozambique. Islamist extremists have burned villages to the ground, targeting Christians and causing many to flee with just the clothes they are wearing. Charles Mithowa has made several journeys to that country to take aid and encouragement.

Kingfisher Family celebrates its 30th birthday

Some important signs of credibility in leadership:

• Credible leaders are CONSISTENT in what they say and in how they behave.

• Credible leaders always pursue HONESTY, even when they are not at liberty to share confidential matters. They are honesty, too, about their mistakes.

• Credible leaders do not lead from a distance; they CONNECT with people !

Credible leaders display FOLLOW THROUGH. Anyone can talk a great story, but credibility comes from staying the course and seeing something through to completion.