Resources for the Journey 

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. As such, we need to be well-equipped to stay the course. Our walk as leaders involves an openness to being taught some crucial lessons by the Lord. Here are some resources to help you on that journey:

The Israelites had to wait 40 years to enter the Promised Land after having escaped from
captivity in Egypt. However, those 40 years were a carefully mapped-out journey, taking
them through five different wildernesses, with each wilderness holding vital lessons that
they needed to learn. The wilderness of Shur, of Sin, of Sinai, of Paran, of Zin. The lessons of each of those wildernesses, building upon the previous lessons learned, brought them to the place where they are finally ready to enter into the Promised Land. What were those lessons and how do they relate to us today?
You can find this series on our YouTube channel, starting at:



Following on from Called to Leadership, which is Kingfisher’s foundational eldership course, comes this new resource – “Leadership Training Level One”. Using a downloadable workbook and videos, this course looks at four key subjects:


God’s Purpose through His Church
Leading a Ministry

Understanding Group Dynamics

Discipling Individuals

Within these four overall topics, this course helps leaders to understand and grow in Intentional Leadership, to mobilise group members to achieve their own potential and to contribute more effectively to the group and grow in self leadership.  


This course can be taken individually or as a group and will be available, free of charge, to download from from 1/12/2022.  



Glorious Christ Church, Nuevo Ecijo, The Philipinnes… the latest group of leaders to complete the Called to Leadership course and receive Certificates of Completion.




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