Twenty seven yesrs and counting….

Issue 10

It was 27 years ago that a small group of people, cast a vision to launch a church that would reach the unchurched. 27 years ago, there was no internet, no social media, no digital downloading of live-streamed videos. Cassette tapes, overhead projectors and written letters that were physically posted in a letterbox were all we had. How times have changed! But then, there are certain things have have not changed at all:
• We still need relationships where we know that we matter, that we are valued.
• We still need hope, as hopelessness is on the rise.
• We still need a Saviour, as we are as unable as ever to save ourselves.
The things that have changed are superficial, and just passing anyway (remember how CDs came and went?) The things that are truly important will not change – and that is reflected in the vision and values of Kingfisher Family. We continue to reach out around the world, offering support, help and direction to a growing number of church planters, leaders, teachers and pastors as they courageously continue to minister in challenging circumstances.
2020 is the start of a whole new decade – a decade where religious persecution is on the increase. Five years ago, only North Korea was in

the ‘extreme’ category for its level of persecution of Christians. In the 2019 Open Doors World Watch List, there are now 11 countries in that category. Kingfisher Family is represented in that list, as many churches are spread throughout northern India, which is number 10 on the list of extreme persecution. China is climbing the list and now stands at number 27. Kingfisher Family is reaching out further and further afield at a time when it is becoming more and more costly to be known as a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that this will be a defining decade for Kingfisher Family, and that, in the face of rising opposition and persecution, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will have an amazing impact on this troubled, broken world.
At a recent vision casting event for Kingfisher Family, I outlined what I believe is a major challenge from God for the coming year and beyond. You can catch the whole talk by visiting our YouTube channel, which is easily accessible via (click on Resources), but the highlights are shared in this edition of the International News. The Great Commission is for today! It challenges us to become Great Commission disciples – in the face of an angry world, a hopeless world, a lost world, to bring the hope of a relationship with our Saviour, Jesus Christ. This is the decade to focus afresh and commit ourselves to being part of a Great Commission Tsunami that will sweep the world as never before!

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Kingfisher building projects 


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Dumagat Education Program update 



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Kingfisher family is building around the world!

As well as building into people’s lives in different countries around the world, Kingfisher Family is involved in various physical building projects.

In the Philippines…
In Pantay, Rio Chico, after a plot of land was made available, building work has begun under the oversight of National Director Noel Delfin, on a new church building. This is an area where many people who need to hear the Gospel live, and yet there are few churches in the vicinity. When completed, Pastor Noel will plant a team of people here and we pray that there will soon be a growing Christian community, full of people coming to know and serve the Lord!.

Near Blantyre, Malawi…
National Director, Charles Mithowa, has a vision to open a training centre for pastors and leaders from Malawi and surrounding nations. Complete with accommodation blocks and classrooms, this will enable students to come and stay for longer periods of time to learn, to grow and then to be sent out. The land is bought, the bricks are there, and with the funding Kingfisher Family has managed to release, work on the training centre has just started..

In Limbe, Malawi…
Around 15 years ago, Kingfisher enabled the building of the Centre, a place where pastors and leaders could come be trained, then commissioned and sent out to preach the gospel and plant churches. That building, now mainly used as a local church, has undergone major renovation works – a new floor, new windows with glass and new doors, as well as wiring for electricity. Now under the pastoral oversight of Andrew Mithowa (the son of National Director, Charles Mithowa), this is a vibrant, growing church reaching out into the local community, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ..

General Tinio, the Philippines…
Kingfisher Family Mission House continues to serve the local community and the wider church. Glorious Christ church needed to vacate their current place of worship and Kingfisher Family was able to offer them temporary accommodation for their services on Sunday mornings at the Mission House. They are already looking for land to build a more permanent home in that area. Check out their
YouTube channel ‘Glorious Worship’..

Dumagat Education Program update.

New resources available