Uniting thousands of Christians around the world to pray on one day, for Church, community, nation, and our world.

 The power of Prayer

Launched in 2014, the International Day of Prayer is an annual event that has grown in strategic importance, as thousands of believers from currently ten different countries focus together around the world on prayer for each other, for local churches, for countries in the International Family and for this world.

The Bible says that “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16), and that “…If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you” (Matthew 18:19). Out of these truths came the conviction that the whole International Family should be joining together in prayer.

Get involved! 

Although it is not possible for everyone to physically meet together, yet we can still pray together in the Spirit and expect to see significant answers to prayer, and so with that conviction the International Day of Prayer was launched. As the vision for and excitement surrounding the IDOP has grown year on year, so we are seeing breakthroughs on an increasing scale. People are committing their lives to Christ. Fresh freedom and boldness are being experienced. Prophetic words are being shared.

You and your church can take part in IDOP – just visit the forum on this site and start praying – and check out some of the feedback that has come out of this year’s IDOP so far.

International Day of Prayer 2020

Text of Prayers

Pastor Charles Mithowa,

National Director, Kingfisher Malawi 


Father, in Jesus name we are pleading to You concerning our brothers and sisters in India and also concerning the country of India, in regard to covid 19 pandemic.  

In the name of Jesus we pray that there will be Gods healing against this pandemic in that country.  


We pray that You will totally restore peoples lives which are in great harm and fear due to this pandemic. 


Please Father God bring hope and healing to them. 

We pray in Jesus name for the Church in that country, that You will bless it, as it begins to meet again and that there will be many who will be coming to Jesus and they start attending the Church. 

We pray also that there will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Your people as well as the Church itself. 

We pray in particular for Your servant Pastor Simon, who is leading the Church there, that You will continue to bless him and anoint him beyond measure. 

We pray that him and all the people, they will be protected and remain under Your provision during the entire period of their lockdown. 

We pray that You will intervene in their financial hardship and continue supplying their daily needs. We pray for the welfare of the people, especially the poor who at a time such as this have no real medical facilities. 

May You sustain the Church, government and all people as they are undergoing the problems and the hardship of their lockdowns and grant them blessing. 

Pastor Noel Delfin,

National Director, the Philippines 


Dear Father in Heaven, today we value Your presence, because You are the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, You are the Great God who sustains all and anything that we have; 

Your caring to us, Your protection to us is what we are thanking You for and we know that apart from You we can do nothing. 

Today is a great day for us to pray, not only for this Church but to pray for our brethren, Your children, in this country and in other countries. 

We are praying Father God for the Kingfisher Church, the whole of the United Kingdom and Gloucester, the place where Kingfisher resides. 

We are praying Father God, that may Your Hands be upon the people of the United Kingdom. 

We know that because of covid 19, a lot of death arises. 

Father in Heaven, in Your Mighty Name, we pray that Your hands be upon the United Kingdom and may Your Healing be upon Your people in that place, our brothers in Africa, in Malawi, in India, in Macau, Father God throughout the world where your people are now praying. 

Lord God please extend Your Mighty Healing and may You use this pandemic to win souls, to harvest more souls, that may Your Holy Spirit touch the lives of the people so that they may see that without You, we can do nothing; without Your Power, without Your Presence, we cannot achieve victory, we cannot achieve healing. 

Dear Father in Heaven, may Your Hands, may Your Protection, may Your Healing be upon this country and the Philippines as well. 

We know Father God that by Your Grace You will extend Your Healing and Your Blessings in all Your children throughout the Globe. 

Thank You Father God and we know that by Your Grace we are safe, we are saved and we are here, claiming Your Power and Your Blessings today. 

Dear Father in Heaven, let Your Holy Spirit come, and through Jesus we pray during this time on earth and we would like also to pray the Lords Prayer